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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Navi Mumbai


Full Mouth Reconstruction in Navi Mumbai

The process of repairing and rebuilding the appearance and function of your mouth, using multiple procedures at once is called a full mouth reconstruction. A full mouth rehabilitation and restoration are other terms that can be used as well to describe a full mouth reconstruction.

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Navi Mumbai

What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction typically involves a general and/or a cosmetic dentist that will perform a number of procedures in a patient’s mouth to have it looking impeccable appearance-wise and have it functioning normally as well. The reason why this procedure is called a full mouth reconstruction is that it includes more than one cosmetic dental procedure. These procedures typically involved anything from dental bridges, dental crowns, fillings, dental implants, tooth extractions, veneers and much more. In addition to the procedures for the teeth, a full mouth reconstruction in repairing and maintaining the patient’s gums to ensure total oral health in all aspects.

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